Peaky Blinders Style Guide: Top 10 Women’s Fashion Picks Reviewed

This article delves into the top ten fashion items inspired by the women characters of Peaky Blinders, exploring how these styles, rooted in the 1920s, have been revived and adapted in today’s fashion world.

Historical Context of the Fashion in Peaky Blinders:

The 1920s, an era marked by dramatic social and political change, witnessed a transformation in women’s fashion. This period, known for the rise of the flapper style, saw women embracing more comfortable, less restrictive clothing. Peaky Blinders excellently captures the essence of this era, blending historical accuracy with a touch of modern flair. The show’s costume design not only respects the time’s fashion but also influences contemporary style, making it relevant for today’s fashion enthusiasts.

1. Flapper Dresses:

A quintessential symbol of the 1920s, flapper dresses are synonymous with the era’s rebellious spirit. Featured prominently in Peaky Blinders, these dresses are characterized by their dropped waistlines, intricate beading, and fringe details. While the series portrays them in dark, moody tones, reflecting the gritty atmosphere of the show, modern adaptations have made these dresses versatile for various occasions, from glamorous parties to casual wear.

2. Cloche Hats:

The cloche hat, a fitted, bell-shaped hat, was a staple of 1920s women’s fashion. Peaky Blinders showcases these hats as part of the sophisticated attire of its female characters. Today, these hats have seen a resurgence, available in a variety of materials and colors, adding a vintage touch to modern outfits.

3. Fur Coats:

Luxurious and opulent, fur coats in Peaky Blinders symbolize the wealth and status of certain characters. While contemporary fashion moves towards ethical alternatives, faux fur coats inspired by the show offer the same level of sophistication without compromising on animal welfare.

4. Trench Coats:

Trench coats in Peaky Blinders are not just practical but also a fashion statement. Originally designed for military use, the show reinvents them as a stylish yet functional piece. Modern trench coats maintain this duality, perfect for both formal and casual settings.

5. Lace Dresses:

Lace dresses in the series exude elegance and femininity. These dresses, often seen in scenes of opulence and luxury, have inspired a range of modern designs that balance delicacy with a touch of boldness.

6. Silk Scarves:

Silk scarves, used as headwear or neckties in Peaky Blinders, add a splash of color and pattern to the otherwise earthy tones of the show’s palette. Today, they serve as versatile accessories, capable of transforming any outfit.

7. Tailored Suits:

Women’s tailored suits in the show, often with pinstripes or in tweed, challenge traditional gender norms of the time. This androgynous style has been embraced in current fashion trends, promoting a strong, empowered image for women.

8. Embroidered Blouses:

The intricate embroidery on the blouses worn by female characters adds a touch of femininity and detail. Modern versions of these blouses mix traditional embroidery with contemporary cuts, making them suitable for both formal and casual wear.

9. Beaded Headbands:

Peaky Blinders features beaded headbands, a hallmark of the 1920s flapper style. These accessories, often adorned with sequins and feathers, are now popular in modern party attire, adding a retro glamor.

10. Leather Boots:

Leather boots in the show, ranging from ankle to knee-high, are a testament to the practical yet fashionable choices of the era. In today’s fashion, these boots are a staple, available in various styles to suit different tastes and occasions.

Peaky Blinders has reignited an interest in the fashion of the 1920s, blending historical elements with modern sensibilities. Each piece, from flapper dresses to leather boots, tells a story, reflecting both the era’s cultural context and the timeless nature of these styles. As we embrace these fashion items, we pay homage to a pivotal time in history and the enduring power of style.

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